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Four Rules for Teaching Writing:
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Always give writing assignments that

1. you will enjoy reading;
2. students will enjoy writing;
3. students will enjoy reading what others in the class have written
4. you will enjoy writing.

If any one of these conditions were not true, then it probably wasn't a very good assignment.

Advice I give to my students: When your words surprise you, you know you are writing.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Syllabus as a Legal Contract

I so often hear people claim that your syllabus is a legal contract with the student. I have looked and can nowhere find evidence that this claim is true. A syllabus is not even a contract. The legal contract claim seems to be one of those common myths (like the myth of the crisis in education) that takes on a life of its own, irrespective of their truth values. I would be  interested if anyone could point me toward a  document that substantiates the claim that a syllabus is a legal contract. I've usually thought about it as a guess about where we're going to go.

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