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Four Rules for Teaching Writing:
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Always give writing assignments that

1. you will enjoy reading;
2. students will enjoy writing;
3. students will enjoy reading what others in the class have written
4. you will enjoy writing.

If any one of these conditions were not true, then it probably wasn't a very good assignment.

Advice I give to my students: When your words surprise you, you know you are writing.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What Love Is suppose like others, I have been affected by Beau Biden’s death—and really, by the love that surrounded him. In my usual fashion, I have linked the events to writing—and to me. We know that love is the link to life. It’s how flowers grow, the way the moon shines. And its absence is what causes crime.
If we can help our students know through writing what love is, we will have taught them what we need to learn ourselves.

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