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Four Rules for Teaching Writing:
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Always give writing assignments that

1. you will enjoy reading;
2. students will enjoy writing;
3. students will enjoy reading what others in the class have written
4. you will enjoy writing.

If any one of these conditions were not true, then it probably wasn't a very good assignment.

Advice I give to my students: When your words surprise you, you know you are writing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Embarrassed: Survey Results

PS: I'm working on it. Look at the slightly disaggregated.

I recently had what can best be called “one of those conversations," in which I remembered that in 2010 I had surveyed methods of placement in colleges and universities. I had a good response so that the statistics should be suggestive.  

I probably said I would distribute the results & never did. The results are not disaggregated. I’m going to try to do that later, but later for me might mean never, so I have exported the results and made them available on my blog Look on the right side of this blog if you're interested. 

The results are only 6 years old :), but I'll bet not a lot has changed.  
First file is general results.

The second file is from people who couldn’t respond to my choices.  They listed “other.” Apologies if your name is there & I didn’t black it out.