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Four Rules for Teaching Writing:
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Always give writing assignments that

1. you will enjoy reading;
2. students will enjoy writing;
3. students will enjoy reading what others in the class have written
4. you will enjoy writing.

If any one of these conditions were not true, then it probably wasn't a very good assignment.

Advice I give to my students: When your words surprise you, you know you are writing.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

English Project- Personal Essay

I thought the personal essay below was a good example of the new writing movement within the expansive genre of the personal essay.  Athough I have been slow to move to multi-media writing (I have had enough trouble learning how to write text), I am experimenting more the multi-media both in my own writing and especially in my teaching.  It seems, for instance, that we should be teaching students how to link on a reference page to their sources rather than write arcanely formatted Reference pages.  How many of them will be using MLA, APA, CMS, etc., in their professional lives?  Has anyone every thought about how much class time, student time, and teacher time has been wasted working with formats of Works Cited?  Boggles the mind.  Also boggles the mind that we should still be teaching it.

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